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Life As A Harpist Part Two

I wanted to continue on from my last blog, but this time talk about my life as a Professional Harpist. I’ve been doing it for eight years now. There have been plenty of ups and downs, a LOT of changes, but the one thing that has stayed is my love for the Harp.

Wedding Harp

I am very fortunate to work weekly at two wonderful venues. For Afternoon Tea on Monday’s and Fridays, I play at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower. I have been a dep there since 2008-2009. It is a great place to go and work, the staff are so friendly and kind, the Harp I get to use is an absolute dream, and I have the freedom to play anything I choose. The second venue I work at is Friday Evenings at Champneys Forest Mere. I have been working here for two and a half years. My favourite thing about this venue is when you drive in and see the lake next to the Manor House. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, it is always beautiful.

Working as a Wedding Harpist is one of the best parts of my job. It has meant working all over the country, seeing so many different and wonderful venues. It has involved plenty of driving(!), getting stuck on the m25, going hungry for hours. But it has also involved being given the opportunity to learn all sorts of different repertoire, meeting new people every week, and making two people’s day that little bit more special.

Another side to my work week is my teaching. I do all of it over three days, which amounts to about 12 hours. My students range from 6 to 80 years old; Some of them I’ve been teaching for years, others I only started teaching last week. I have taught in quite a few different schools, travelling to Windsor, Bedford and Tring. Teaching can be incredibly rewarding, seeing your student grow as a harpist, and building a friendship. It makes going to work not feel like your going to work, if that makes sense.

So there you have it, my life as a Harpist. I hope you have enjoyed reading my two first blog posts. They are more of an introduction to me and what I do. From now on, my blogs will each have a subject of its own, or I might talk about what I’ve been doing that week. But please do expect a new blog every Wednesday.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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