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A Day In The Life

A couple of weeks ago, I did a ‘Day In The life’ on my insta stories. I thought it might be quite a good idea to do it as a blog post, so that I can go into more detail.

On a week day, and this was a Thursday, I mostly always get up at 6am with my partner to do a workout. Either a hiit, exercise video, or yoga session. Totally depends on how we are feeling on that day. We then have a coffee and some breakfast before he goes off to work.


During the morning I will take the dog for the walk (which is my favourite thing), do a little bit of housework if I need to, and on some mornings I will teach for an hour.

The Artichoke

On Thursdays I normally teach one of my adult students, but on this particular morning I moved her lesson to a different day so that I could spent the morning with my family for my Momma’s birthday. We went to a pub called The Artichoke for brunch and had the best time. The food was delicious!

The Harp At The Grove

I had to get home to get ready for work, make sure the dog was fed and watered and happy, then off I went to the Grove. For those who might not already know, I have a residency at this lovely hotel. I play in the lounges from Monday to Friday, for afternoon tea. I have a blog post about my time there, called Six Months At The Grove.

Home Time For The Harp
Harp Teaching Room

On Thursdays I teach on my pedal harp at home in the evening, which means I have had to pack up my harp and bring it home with me. I then teach for about 2 to 3 hours depending on the week. Very excitingly, I have recently stopped hiring out my Salvi Orchestra, which means it is home with me and I won’t need to bring Alexa (my Horngacher Phoenix) home.

Packing Up The Harp

After I’ve finished teaching, I eat dinner and I chill!

Thank you for reading.

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